16 inch Scopettes® & 8 inch Scopettes Jr.® Swabs

Highly absorbent, lint-free rayon swabs with cushioned tips.

Uniform and highly absorbent with 5/8 inch Rayon heads and 3/16 inch cushioned tips, Scopettes® have been the leader in large-tip swabs for over 40 years.

Unique Features:

• Both 16 inch Scopettes® and 8 inch Scopettes Jr.® are made with highly absorbent 5/8 inch lint-free rayon heads and 3/16 inch cushioned tips

• Excellent for use in a wide range of procedures including specimen collection and the application of medicine or liquid nitrogen

• Both Scopettes® and Scopettes, Jr.®are available in convenient, individually bar-coded Chevron-style peel pouches

• Scopettes, Jr. Available with Non-Sized Swab Heads, no cellulose sizing on the tip