FlexiOH by OrthoHeal is a waterproof, washable, ventilating and comfortable alternative to traditional orthopedic casts and plasters.

FlexiOH®, the first of its type, solves three main issues associated with conventional casts which include – breath-ability, wash-ability and weight. The immobiliser has been designed to suit patient’s skin, comfortable and allows day-to-day activities with comparative ease. With FlexiOH® technology, it is sure to revolutionise the bone immobilisation therapy by providing better care and comfort.

  • Comes as an easy to fix wearable material on the injured part.
  • A light treatment completes the curing process in 3-10 minutes
  • Covers 80% of all possible fractures in paediatric sizes.
  • Covers 75% of all possible fractures in Adults.
  • Comes in 8 Variants with different 39 sizes.