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EuroAmerican IP, LLC (EAIP)

A privately held Florida-based Corporation, Woman Owned Small Business headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida. EAIP primarily functions as a Medical Supply Distributor by providing various industries as well as government facilities with our unique line of products within the medical, health and outdoor arenas.

EuroAmerican has been delivering Federal Supply Schedule Commodities to the BOP, DHS, DOJ, DOD, FBI, USCG, HHS, NIH, SSA, VA and other governmental agencies since 2009. We currently supply over 100 contracted items to VA‘s as well as OGA‘s. We are proud to comment that we have received excellent feedback and appreciation from our loyal clients.

Our dedicated mission is to distribute reliable, quality products and provide prompt delivery. We are committed to accommodating our customers with exceptional service. EAIP proudly participates in the Prime Vendor Program to expand on sales and services throughout the country.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Federal Supply Schedule

65IB Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, & Hematology Related Products

CONTRACT: 36F79720D0021

  • 325412 – Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing
  • 325611 – Soap & Other Detergent Manufacturing
  • 424210 – Drugs and Druggists’ Sundries Merchant Wholesalers
  • 5122 Wholesale-Drugs, Proprietaries & Druggists’ Sundries
  • 6545 Replenishable Field Medical Sets, Kits, and Outfits.
  • 6508 Medicated Cosmetics and Toiletries.

65IIA Medical Equipment & Supplies

CONTRACT: 36F79722D0140

  • 339113 – Surgical Appliance & Supplies Manufacturing
  • 423450  Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers.
  • 5047  Medical and Hospital Equipment
  • 6510  Surgical Dressing Materials.
  • 6515  Medical and Surgical Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies.
  • 6530  Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils, and Supplies   
  • 6532  Hospital and Surgical Clothing & Related Special Purpose Items


Why Us

  • Infection Control
  • Opioid Alternative by way of Homeopathic/OTC Product Line
  • Wound Care Management & Prevention
  • Single Source Supplier for a Diverse Line of Disposables
  • Skin Care Topicals
  • Cost Effective Versatility
  • Waste Minimization & Prevention
  • Patient Comfort & Rapid Recovery
  • Products Made In The USA 🇺🇸
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Featured Product

Povidone Iodine PVP-Sterile Packaging – Dukal Brand

Sterile 10% Povidone-Iodine USP
Ethylene Oxide Sterilized 3/4 oz Liquid Packets (Case of 50)

  • Easy-To-Open STERILE Peel Pouched Packets for STERILE Operative Field.
  • NOTE: Non-Sterile Povidone-Iodine can be contaminated by the Burkholderia Cepacia Complex (BCC) Bacteria Species, which contribute to hospital-acquired infections and are antibiotic-resistant.* We have sterilized not only the Povidone-Iodine but also its packaging, making it easy to drop the packet of sterile solution onto a sterile operative field.
  • Helps Reduce Infection Rates.
  • Broad-spectrum efficacy shown against skin pathogens, including gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria and yeasts.*
  • Easy-To-Open, single-use foil-laminated liquid packets designed to withstand the rigors of ethylene oxide sterilizations.
  • Meets CDC, AORN and APIC guidelines for skin antisepsis.*

(*Based on principles and not actual tests. EuroAmerican IP, LLC does not make any claims to statements.)

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In Their Words

I have used Burn B Gone® by DE WITT™ on my patients for the last several years after every surgery with amazing results! My patients love it! I highly recommend using Burn B Gone® to dramatically improve skin after severe sunburns, thermal burns, wounds, cosmetic procedures, laser procedures, bruising, skin inflammation or discoloration and surgeries.

Burn B Gone® also helps your skin to appear more youthful and radiant, with continued use. Apply to the face and neck 2 times per day morning and night after washing the areas with mild soap, let dry before applying make-up. You should notice your skin improvement within the first several days of use.

Dr. Robert Joseph, Surgeon, Beverly Hills

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