About Us

Debra Paul
Founder, CEO

Debra J Paul has been an entrepreneur since high school years; constantly exploring various avenues to broaden inventive and innovative pursuits: integrating a creative background in sign painting, working in the automotive industry custom pin striping & design background along with prosperous real estate experiences. She is the Founder and CEO of EuroAmerican IP, LLC, which has been in business, thriving for over 16 years.

As a successful Broker-Associate Realtor, I utilized master sales skills – knowledge, strategic prospecting, active empathetic listening, and attention to detail, along with resilience and grit, to transform my career after the market crash. My creative vision pursuing new markets, product development, and potential for sales growth are a driving force to this day. 


Productively having worked for myself throughout the years, at the age of 52 decided to take on a challenge and obtain a college degree, which I never had the opportunity to do after high school graduation.  In 2013, I successfully achieved that goal, graduating with honors earning my Bachelor of Science in Health Administration Degree.


My current area of interest and exploration within my business is branding. I begin projects by thoroughly researching and then developing ideas through creative thinking with my Team Members – Cathy, Tami, and Brett.  


With a strong passion for success, I pride myself in achieving my goals by finding ways of having fun with my desires in pursuing them.  This provides a deep gratification in establishing personal and business relationships with an attentive, personal touch.


To show the world what you do, how you do it, and why it matters always attracts people who are drawn to one’s passion and inspired by one’s experience. One must learn to enjoy life, have fun, and laugh a lot in both your personal and professional business environments/surroundings.  Having positive charisma helps to easily engage both customers and vendors with sincere and comfortable rapport.


A competitive athlete in my younger years has evolved from sports in high school to deep sea fishing in the islands throughout the southern waters engaging in fishing tournaments and boating, to golf in my later years. My life is full, exciting, with ‘never a dull moment’ attitude keeping both my personal and business lives actively joyful.


Besides EuroAmerican IP, LLC (her child), Debra’s joys in life are spent with her significant other Julio, and their 4-legged child ‘UMA Girl’ (American Dingo/CD-Carolina Dog/rare breed).  “Jokingly” – UMA means an Unidentified Monstrous Animal.

Brett Wolfe
International Sales DIRECTOR

Brett was born in Florida and moved to South Africa at a young age where he completed a Bsc Degree at the University of Potchefstroom and after completing his field guide license and first aid training he went on to become a Game Ranger in the ‘World Renowned’ Sabi Sands Game Reserve, taking foreign guests on safari and helping raise abandoned wild animals, such as Lion cubs and Rhinos.

Brett did a 10-year stint managing safari lodges all through South Africa where he found a passion for cooking and became the Executive Chef of 2 fine dining restaurants in South Africa and eventually started a company exporting catering equipment from SA to the Middle East and Asia.


Brett has extensive knowledge about the intricacies of doing business in Africa and is bilingual in English and Afrikaans. He has travelled the world extensively having lived in the United States, the UK and South Africa. He has a solid sphere of influence network of business contacts and experience in international trade.


Brett happily resides in Pretoria, South Africa with his loving family and 3 dogs. He is an avid aviation enthusiast, holding both a US and South African private pilot’s license.

Cathy Zaldivar
Office Manager

Before moving to Florida from Chicago Illinois in 2000 to escape the long cold winters, I spent 8 years as a dental assistant with responsibilities ranging from patient care, surgical and procedural, operatory and instrument sterilization, to administrative duties.

My previous administrative position with an aerospace hardware distributor introduced and enabled me to fully appreciate quality management systems. I assisted in the creation and implementation of our first ISO process AS 9001:2000 in 2014, with subsequent revisions in 2016 to AS 9001:2015, and the upgrade in 2018 to the Aerospace AS9130B process. This experience broadened the scope of my approach to the application of risk management in the work environment.  


As an ardent team player, Cathy views her with EuroAmerican with a wide lens that encompasses positive cooperation, education, open mindedness and an emphasis on customer service. She takes great pride in EuroAmericans products and contribution to the medical profession.


Being a mother of two children, I have volunteered for over 20 years in the private and public school system, from Pre-K year end celebrations to chairing events like Fort Lauderdale High School’s annual debate tournaments that were populated by over 1000 debaters and judges. I also taught religious education at our church. Being an avid reader, I am never without a book in progress and more in queue. Floral arranging was learned at my mother’s knee, evolving into a part time career with an event company that produced million-dollar weddings and remains a creative outlet for me to this day.

Sales Director

Southern-rooted Tami learned at an early age to be comfortable with change and to quickly adapt to new environments. Though she was born in Florida, her family moved often, living in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, while frequently visiting family in Louisiana and Texas.

Tami attended community college majoring in Medical Administration. This led to the start of her career in the medical field at age eighteen, with a position processing insurance and billing for a Rheumatoid Arthritis practice in Nashville. She then joined a General/Primary Care practice as a Doctor’s Assistant, and later became a Psychiatric Clinic Administrator in Melbourne, Florida. After this, she trained as an American Board of Opticianry Certified Optical Technician, enjoying everything from cutting lenses to picking out frames with customers. Tami eventually moved back to north Florida to the world of Radiology Administration and then soon became the Office Manager for a urology practice. 


In 2007, Tami moved to Fort Lauderdale and met Debra Paul who had recently launched EuroAmerican IP, LLC (EAIP). Debra needed an administrative and sales assistant for her new business, so she hired Tami, and soon they became an inseparable team. Tenacious in spirit while complementing each other’s skills and abilities, they dug into medical sales with an excellent product called Burn-B Gone. They quickly added new unique products to the product line each year. In 2009, after grueling efforts, they received their first Federal Supply Schedule for the Department of Veteran Affairs (FSS/VA) Pharmaceutical government contract. Tami ran the day-to-day operations and shipping while continuing to work on the government contract. They both made for a great sales duo, Debra the ice breaker warming up customers and Tami continuing on with the clinical aspect of the products. The two were persistent in their goals, and thanks in part to Tami’s loyalty, sweat equity and strength, they built up EAIP’s success year after year. Debra then offered Tami co-ownership of the business. They continued and were awarded another FSS/VA Contract for Medical Supplies while new products kept coming in. 


Years later, after suffering from some health complications, Tami moved to be closer to her family hub in Mississippi. In 2022, Tami battled and survived breast cancer. Now she is healthy, strong, more resilient than ever, and she could not be happier. Today, happily married, she enjoys working from home, managing EAIP’s two Federal Supply Government Contracts, while still pursuing sales and occasionally assisting in technical matters.