FSS/VA Contract#V797P-2181D

From the OR to the Rehab, the Heel-A-Hip replaces traditional abduction and associated risk for orthopaedic pressure ulcers.

HeelAHip® was developed using the NPUAP (National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) guidelines for offloading heels. With HeelAHip®, the weight of the leg is shifted to the calf and avoids the damage to the heel from tissue compression, which reduces the blood supply to the skin and other tissues.

  • Heel-A-Hip Pressure Relief Abductor
  • 100% Latex Free/Hypo-Allergenic/Fluid Resistant

Perfect for:

Surgeons Risk Managers
Orthopaedics Rehab/pt
Podiatry Nursing: WOCN’s for Managing Pressure Injuries & Heel Ulcers